03 February 2008

Back in NS

It is the quiet I notice most. After a week in Ottawa with Shannon and Paul and Peter and David and Leah, it is just so quiet here. Don't get me wrong, I had a wonderful time and enjoyed bonding with the boys and meeting Miss Leah and just snuggling her and all that, but it is very noisy in a house with 3 children.
Here we have Leah sleeping peacefully,

Whilst the boys:

Pete will be 4 in March, but right now there are three children, three years and younger and all wanting mommy's attention at once. Poor Dave is getting his 2 year old molars and is having a bit of jealousy over the new baby, beside being in the terrible twos. He is doing better now, but there were a few days........... And that is such a shame because he is usually just too darn adorable and cute for words.

I finished Pete's socks whilst I was there. The whole clever part of taking them unfinished so I could try them on before sewing up the toes was a bust. No way was he trying them on till they were finished. "But they aren't finished Nana. I can't try them on till they're finished!" I also knit up a baby blanket for Leah that Shan had bought the yarn for but hadn't gotten to. So that is finished and up there with the baby. It is so soft and cuddly and she has it in her crib already!

My flight home was not delayed, despite a heavy snowfall in Ottawa the day before. Several flights were cancelled, but mine was for mid afternoon and everything was ok by then. My only concern was the winds in Halifax. With motion sickness always an option, landing during heavy winds can be pretty darn trying for me. I had nothing to eat or drink and I worked on the socks I had started for Shan through the whole flight. We made it and John was there to pick me up and we went to Il Mercado for a lovely dinner and then home where I slept like a log.

So now I will upload and see if the video clip works. Crossing fingers and toes.

Bye bye for now!


lexa said...

I can just imagine what it's like with two boys that young and a newborn!

Glad you had a nice trip. It seemed to go really fast. I didn't realize you were gone that long already.

Marti said...

The link to the baby photo isn't working...which is disappointing, cuz I love a good baby photo!

Glad you made it home safe and sound.

Marti said...

What a sweetie, all dressed in pink!


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