07 February 2008

Odds & Ends

Another snowy morning and my MDX had an appointment with the body shop to have a small dent repaired. We had to be out early this morning for the appointment and the we pick it up tomorrow morning. Apparently they need to paint as well and that needs to dry, hence the overnight stay. A bit of a nasty drive as the roads weren't plowed at that time. And it is still snowing. They only called for a few centimeters, and we must have four or five inches by now! Looks like John may need to get the snowblower out at some point today!

I've heard from Shan and she seems to be doing well with the increase in their family. Little Leah is a good baby and the boys are getting used to her taking up some of their Mommy time. David even went so far as to give her his Mr. Potato Head glasses to wear!

I finished the socks for Shan that I won in Heddy's ( who is vacationing in the Dominican Republic and missing all this snow ) contest:

And I knit her a scarf that she wanted. She noticed this scarf on a lady in Costco whilst I was in Ottawa, so I asked her if I could see it. I couldn't believe it, but I have the pattern, Drina scarf, it just looked different because of the yarn. I figured I would have a hard time finding that particular yarn or something like it, but there it was, Patons Bohemian, in our LYS. It knit up in 2 & 1/2 hours! It doesn't look great in the pic, but wrapped around someone's neck it looks stunning!

I plan to get these things in the mail and off to Shan today, assuming we can get back to town around lunch time. Then I will work on another pair of slippers for Paul. And this time I am going to try and find some suede or light leather at Frenchy's to make soles for them. Maybe they will last longer that way! He really loves them and feels so bad when they wear out. I tried to assure him that I don't mind making more. They only take a few days and are so neat when they get felted. It always amazes me how beautifully they come out!

Knit Nite was last night at the Book Room at Lanes. Marti and I were the only 2 to show up so we each sat in an armchair with the fire going and had a lovely evening.

Nothing else to say.

Bye bye for now!


Frieda said...

What a priceless baby picture . Nice of big brotherto share his glasses :-)))

lexa said...

Gee you knit socks FAST!! What pattern did you use for those new ones? Those Bohemian scarves are really nice, and I agree, they don't look good in a picture, but once they're being worn they look great. I made one for SIL for Christmas, and it wasn't fun trying to get a decent picture of it.

I don't like this snow. Before I went to bed last night I checked the forecast, and it said 5-10cm starting this afternoon. I was surprised when I got up and there was that much on the ground and no school!

Marti said...

That pic is too much! So adorable.

The book room was indeed cozy. I quite enjoyed it!

Heddy said...

Oh, the prize socks look great ... that yarn knit up pretty, and I love the pattern you chose for it!
I have knit the Drina scarf too ... it is very lushj looking in person, but, as you mentioned, a bit of a bugger to photograph!

Sorry to miss Knit Nite last week, I will be there this week, with bells on! I am looking forward to the book room -- see youa t 7!

Dorothy said...

I didn't say I was getting a lot of knitting done :)
Actually the kids are pretty good about it, Troy sits and "knits" with me.
I have trouble with the q's too! Other letters too, if they are bunched up together.


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