14 December 2007

And then there were Two

Well, here I am again. Home from the hospital with the second new knee. This knee is not quite the breeze the first one was. I have been assured by all and sundry that this time is the norm and the first was the exception to the rule. So recovery is slower than I anticipated, based on knee #1. More pain, swelling, bruising etc. Not as much range as motion, but things are coming along slowly and I am doing my exercises! I had thought about maybe going to Knit Nite next week, but I don't see it happening. Plus I just realized that will be our anniversary, so maybe we will go out for dinner that night!

Absolutely nothing accomplished on the knitting front to report on. I am bored and tired and bored some more. Can't knit, read or much of anything. I am doing Sudoku puzzles though!

So I will take my boring leave.

Bye bye for now!


Marti said...

Hope you're back to your old knitting self in no time and that the knee continues to heel up well. For now, kick back and enjoy the holidays. Nobody wants to be out in this weather anyway!

lexa said...

Hope your second knee comes around and heals up faster! I agree with Marti, just kick back and stay warm in this crappy weather. We have to try to get our tree from the tree lot tomorrow morning before the storm starts.

Heddy said...

Happy anniversary! I hope you have a lovely time at a nice place!
I am glad to hear you made out Ok with the surgery ... sorry the recovery isn't as easy as the first knee was, but if you can get through the healing and physio part, just think of how great you'll feel - just like the bionic woman! Check my blog after Christmas for info on Knit Nite start date and location

Shannon said...

Thirty-seven years? Whodda-thunk? ;-)

I hope you're feeling better soon, but I guess no better time of year to be stuck resting inside the house, right? You must be a sudoku whiz by now!!!!


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