29 November 2007

Home from Ottawa

We are home as of yesterday, having had a wonderful visit with Shan and family in Ottawa. We spent a lot of time with the boys and had a lovely dinner out with Shannon and Paul, thanks to Granny Brigid babysitting. We took up presents from us and from Lauren and Mark and from my brother to his two daughters and all their families. Our vehicle was so packed full it was unbelievable! It had snowed in Ottawa the day before we arrived, ( a horrible drive for us from Edmundston NB to Ottawa ), so we let the kids have their Christmas presents from us. There is a great hill for sledding in the park right beside their house:

As you can see, the sleds are great and not tippy and apparently go like the devil!

Here is David getting ready for bed with his Mr. Potato Head glasses on:

David sitting quietly for once, checking out Woody:

And Pete is showing off his snowman outside:

I did manage to get some knitting done. I knit a pair of slippers for my brother on the way up and a pair for my SIL on the way home. Whilst we were there I found this cute pattern at the yarn shop and knit it up for Reese:

The long stringy things are to attach to her mittnes so she doesn't lose them. Apparently she won't leave them on very long.

Last night was Knit Night and despite having spent the day in the city for my last blood self donation and a final run at Costco, I decided to go. I really enjoyed it and seeing the girls and what they were working on. Donna W does knitting for the Gaspereau Valley Fibres yarn shop and she was telling me they have soles for the felted slippers there, so I think I will make a visit there on Tuesday. We are going over to Kentville on Tuesday as I have to be at the hospital at 7 a.m. for my knee surgery. Plus I can take finished projects over from Donna and pick up anything they may have for her to knit.

That's it.

Bye bye for now!


Landerson said...

Love, love, love the hat:0)

lexa said...

That's a cute little hat! And I thought that I knit a lot of those slippers -- you've beat me by a mile!

Heddy said...

Cute hat ... and those sleds look like fun! Lucky kids! (when I was reading your post, I was thinking ... "they look like they would go like the mill-tails of h***, and then you wrote they are super fast! LOL!)

Good luck with your knee surgery ... make sure you get enough yarn at GVF for all your recuperative knitting

Heddy said...

oh, they are calling for unpleasant weather all week ... I hope your trip to the valley re: surgery is a safe one! take it slow, and be careful coming home.

Good luck!



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