18 November 2007

Slipper Mania

Just a quick post:

I have been busy this past week with preparations for my knee surgery coming up in early December, but I have had time to get some Christmas slippers done. These are 6 pair waiting to be felted:

I felted these ones, which are for Shan's family and they are currently drying:

The purple ones are for Shan and the black/gray ones are for Paul. Have you ever seen anything as cute as the little blue ones which are for youngest grandson David. I have a pair on my needles for Master Pete and they are going to be green, which is his favourite colour. I am using the same multi coloured green and green that the pair in the top picture are made with. As you can tell I am using up odds and ends of left over yarn to do these with. I will have them ready to take with us when we leave for our Ottawa visit this week. We are so excited to see the little ones, and the big ones of course!

The other two pair needing to be felted are gifts for my hairdresser (green) and my pedicure lady (pink). I will get those done closer to Christmas when I have more time.

We are going out for dinner shortly, so

Bye bye for now!


lexa said...

I have yarn to make my boys each a pair of the felted slippers. I don't have a small enough circular needle, so I'll have to follow the directions for doing them on straight needles.

Hope to see you at Knit Nite on Wednesday! Got my sitter arranged already. I will probably take Christmas knitting. I'm itching to make something else babyish -- the nephew arrived today! Can't wait to see him. :)

lexa said...

Duh, should know better than try to do two things at once on the computer! You're probably leaving for Ottawa before Knit Nite Wednesday.

Marti said...

Those look so cozy. I need a pair for myself!


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