14 October 2007

Two done plus One!

I am on a roll. I finished the second little cabled sweater for David and they are just too cute ( if I do say so myself )! I don't even think that they need to be blocked. They look perfectly fine to me the way they are now. I am afraid that if I do block them, the cables will flatten out.

Next I have finished the first of four of these little Rocketry sweaters that I have to do in the next little while. This one is going to England to my friend's new little grand-daughter Eva:

The picture came out a bit dark, but those are the actual colours! This one definitely needed to be blocked and looks much better after I soaked it in Eucalan and then pinned it to my board to dry. It needs buttons and then off it goes across the pond!

The rest of are for other friends' grandchildren and for Shannon's little one (GIRL) due in January! I hope I have enough yarn to do all four sweaters. I may have to change the stripe colours and the border to get them all done without running out of yarn. But if not, the people at Have A Yarn purchased a huge load of the Dream in Colour yarn and are doing up kits and they told me I could get whatever I needed from there stock!

We are off to the movie tonight to see George Clooney in Michael Clayton. This film has had all good reviews so it should be good. Beside the fact that it stars George Clooney! Duh!

Bye bye for now!

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lexa said...

They're going to have really cute pictures together in their new sweaters! The little cabled sweater I'm working on won't need to be blocked, either, or at least I dont' think so. I am still working on the second sleeve, but it's looking fine to me as is.


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