04 October 2007

One down, one to go!

I finished the first little red cabled sweater ( for Pete ) last night and started the second one for David. It hasn't been blocked yet and the colour isn't quite right. It is more of a blue red than it shows here.

I am doing David's on round needles to see how it goes. Basically it isn't any easier because of the cables and seed stitch, but it means I don't have to sew up the sides. I have the pattern firmly implanted in my mind, so it really should work out fine. I want to get enough of the pattern established today so I can take it with me tomorrow when we head off to Maine for a few days. I can't read, but I can knit in the car without getting deathly car sick. That certainly helps pass the time on a long road trip! We were hoping the leaves might have turned and although some have, it is not at the spectacular stage yet! Maybe by the time we come home!

Whilst we are there, we will of course, be going to Freeport, home LL Bean. I have a list from both girls of things they would like there, so I will be busy! Then on our way home we stop in Saint John and have Thanksgiving dinner with Lauren and family! It will be a short but busy five days!

Bye bye for now!


lexa said...

Love the sweater! It's gorgeous!

Think of me when you are at LL Bean. Never been there in person, but I LOVE it. I order stuff from there from time to time. Right now I can't complain about the exchange rate, but the duty sucks. I always check out their sale section on the web site. Got some really good deals there.

Shannon said...

I really love it, mom. The black trim is so nice, it give it a whole different look than the purple one. I can't wait to see the boys in them together - ADORABLE!!!!


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