21 October 2007

To Block or Not

I often think that I really don't need to block my knitting and that it looks just fine. I have finished my second Rocketry sweater and have sewn the buttons on and placed it beside the well blocked first one. Oh the difference! I hope the words, "I don't think this needs to be blocked" ever come out of my mouth again! Blasphemy!


So I decided to soak my Equilateral Triangle Vest in the Eucalan and block it up as well. I had finished it weeks ago and was trying to convince myself it didn't need blocking. It did and here it is all nicely blocked. The model doesn't do it justice. It really fits me beautifully and looks great on, but I don't have a photographer handy, so:

Then I took a break from the Rocketry sweaters and knit up a hat for Shan that she had requested. She found the pattern here and again, the model isn't the best, but you get the idea:

It is a titch(?) large on me, but the pattern calls for it to be loose.
Then I saw one on Lexa's blog and I thought I would try that one for her. It is called Odessa and it isn't lacy and thus warmer for Ottawa cold weather, and it has beads, which I think would make it look just so darn cute! I haven't checked with her yet to see if she would like it, so in the meantime, it is back to the baby sweaters for me. After I get things ready for the mail that is. Birthday stuff off to Ottawa and baby gift off to the UK!

Bye bye for now!


Shannon said...

I love the hat!!!! And I like the one on Sherry's blog too - very cool. The baby sweaters are adorable too. The vest is great, I bet you will wear it up here when you come so I will get to see it :-)

lexa said...

What a difference the blocking really makes, huh? I always think most stuff doesn't need to be blocked, too, but I end up doing it in the end. Except socks. They're usually wash-and-wear unless they're a gift.

I love the colors in your vest. Very pretty! What yarn did you end up using for the hat?

Marti said...

Hi Donna, this is Andrea from the Knit Nite. Nice to meet you and love the little Tulip sweater. I've been toying with the idea of making one so it's nice to know that I could get a kit somewhere. Hope to see you again in Nov.!


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