29 October 2007

Another sunny autumn day!

Update: I started this yesterday morning, it is cold and overcast here today!

It's another sunny autumn day but a bit on the chilly side this morning. My thermometer says 4, which is bitterly cold compared to the gorgeous weather we have had so far in October. Averaging around 18 or so I would guess. Some days as warm as 24 and others down to 14. But I am here to say that no one is complaining about it.

Shannon received her parcel with her hat and the sweaters for the boys. The hat is too big! Who knew she had such a small head. Anyway, I did the Odessa hat for her with the beads and will send it along in the mail today. Hopefully this will fit. The beads were a pain in the butt to get on, but I had it down to a science by the time I was finishing it up. The yarn is DK weight and the crochet hook I had to use to go through the bead was 0.6 mm so the yarn kept splitting and it was getting pretty ugly. Curse words were said. I actually had it over half done and was so frustrated with it that I took it back to the ribbing and started again and it looks fine now.

I also finished the Tulip sweater and need to block it and the other little Rocketry one. Then I have enough yarn left to knit at least one, probably two more, and that will be done.

I went to Bridgewater to lunch with my friend and do a bunch of errands, one of which included mailing the hat to Shan. I had packed it in a small bubble wrap envelope and couldn't believe it when the lady said it came to $9.50! For a small parcel containing a small hat that cost $8 to make. So I said "no way!" and took my hat back. Then I thought I would try it in the Liverpool Post Office. $9.84! I_ don't_ think_ so! I absolutely refuse to pay more to mail something than it cost to make! Shan will have to wait for her hat! We are going up to Ottawa in Novemeber and I will take it with me then. Last week I sent the same sized parcel to England ( across the Atlantic Ocean), Airmail, and it only cost $7.50! Give me a break. The PO lady says it is because they only have to touch the UK package once where the Ontario one they have to send by truck and it gets touched several times! Again, give me a break!

That is my rant for the day. I am off to pay bills which will probably cause another rant!

Bye bye for now.


Marti said...

I am sooooo with you on the postal rant. I've sent a few things back home to Ontario and the price is absolutely ridiculous! A small parcel is an automatic near ten dollar charge! It's goofy! I sent a pair of socks in a small manilla envelope...a lousy pair of flattened socks...nine bucks. Again I say ridiculous!

Nice job on the Odessa by the way!

lexa said...

I used to sell a lot of baby sets I knit on eBay, and it always cost me way more to mail them within Canada. If I sent to the US it was always at least $1 if not more cheaper. I even sent a set to Australia, and it cost the same as within Canada! Ridiculous!

Landerson said...

Hat looks great! Thanks for clarifying that England is indeed across the Atlantic:0)


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