01 October 2007

Reese Weekend

Just a quick post with pictures of Reese. Her parents went to a wedding in the valley and we had her for the weekend. I must say she was as good as gold, happy and laughing and loved Maggie.

Reese has discovered that any food she doesn't want.....
( PS We think she may be a leftie like her great Unka! )

Sunday morning in front of the TV. They are in the sun so it is not great, but still cute!

Sunday noon we met her parents in the city, had lunch, and then went home and we both had a long nap! You can tell we are not used to babysitting a toddler!

Bye bye for now.


Heddy said...

awww! two cutis! (I am both a dog and baby person! either of them melt my heart -- I love the shot of the 2 of them in the sunshine!)

lexa said...

Look at all the hair she's getting! She's so cute. :)

Shannon said...

She looks adorable - those are great pictures. I'm so glad she was so good and you all had fun!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Love that last picture! Perfect!


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