22 September 2007

Pictures and other stuff

Ok. I finally got the picture upload feature to work. Apparently and for some unknown reason, I have to hold control/alt whilst I click the add image icon. So here they are:

The theme of the stole is Swan Lake and the second half was supposed to be a wing, totally different from the first half. Apparently I am not the only anal one out there, so she ( the designer ) made an adaption and we could knit two of clues 1 - 4 and then join them with a panel.

This is the first side I did, Clues 1 - 4. There are so many errors, but I just am one of those people who really needs to be able to see the finished product or I don't know when I am making mistakes:

This is the rest of the first panel and the connecting panel at the left side:

And this is the second panel of clues 1- 4, which has way less errors than the first panel, but there are still some:

There are no pics of it on someone, but it did look lovely draped and none of the mistakes showed at all! And because it is now safely in England, this will be the last of it. No more mention of MS3! Ever again! Never! NOT EVER!

Now on the bright side, I will post a couple of pictures of my "not too cute" grandkids:

This is David taken in July. He will be 2 in October and is actually starting to grow hair now.

This is his older brother Pete, who will be four in March and rarely poses for pictures:

And last but not least we have Miss Reese who turned one the end of July and, as you can see, has lots of hair:

All I have left to do on the Equilateral Vest is the I cord around the armholes and I am finished that! I think I will start the little cabled sweaters for the boys next and then the baby sweaters. I just realized that I now have four of those to knit, I forgot about Adam & Ann Hemeon who are due the same time as Shannon!

Bye bye for now!


lexa said...

The stole does look nice, and I didn't see the boo-boos.

I have the panels for the baby blanket finished but haven't decided how I want to finish it yet. I'm itching to start his cabled sweater and may do that first. I started a pair of slippers for myself, too, since the floors are quite chilly on the feet now most mornings. (Though the days are gorgeous -- I'd keep this all winter!)

Shannon said...

I love the stole, it is gorgeous. You can do Adam's sweater first, it is their first baby so they are more deserving :-)

Heddy said...

the stole is gorgeous! its hard to believe that something that pretty could have caused you that much grief! At least it is now living out of your sight but with someone who will love it care for it and appreciate the work that went into it.

ohh la la ... what cute kids! absolutely beautiful little munchkin people!


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