05 November 2007

Happy Post Noel

And this Noel has nothing to do with Christmas! It was the Hurricane turned tropical storm that hit Nova Scotia on Saturday and rained and blew and blew some more! It was also the night to turn the clocks back. I ran around the house Saturday evening just before going to bed and turned all the clocks back an hour. Then I went to bed and it was still raining and blowing and blowing and raining. At some point during the night, I looked at my clock to check the time and lo! no time showing on my clock! My "sets itself, always has the right time" clock was dark. As was the rest of our house. So come morning I thought I would just lie in bed until the power came on........... Duh! Finally at 10:00 I decided to get up and wait for the power to come on. Needless to say, I was more than a little bit upset to hear from the NSPC hotline that we would be back with power by 11:30 on Tuesday, Nov. 6!!
What the he..! Darn and all that crap! We have never lost our power for more than a couple of hours so we didn't even pour extra water for toilet flushing and personal hygiene. Yes, in the country when the power goes off, so does our water pump, hence, no water. For anything. Ever.

So there I am, reading the morning (Sunday) paper and right at the top it said "not to forget to turn the clocks back tonight" .......Sunday night! So now I am totally confused and not sure what the heck the time was, and no way to verify it as my phones, tv, radio and computer were all out! Ask me if I was frustrated?!

By mid afternoon I was going somewhat stir crazy and phoned a friend in town who offered her shower for us to use. So we packed up our bathing supplies, clean clothes, and headed off for a much needed and very welcome shower. After a drink and visit, we went off to Bridgewater to get something hot to eat and then go to a movie. Well apparently much of the area had the same idea and all the restaurants had huge lineups. We opted for a burger because we wanted to go to the movie, American Gangster and it started at 7 and we really wanted to see it. A long, 2 1/2 hour long, movie but very good and very worth seeing! Plus, as an added bonus, it was almost 11 by the time we got home. We did play the will it or won't it ( the power be on ) in our area, but we lost. Very disappointed to see everything to the right of Route 3 at exit 20A was totally black. To the left was light everywhere and yet we turned right and drove through the pitch black to our house, also pitch black!

Anyway, by 3:30 this afternoon, insert dance of joy here, the power came back on and order was restored to our much dependent upon electricity lives. Yay! Hurrah! Heat and water and light!

On the knitting front, I attended a felting class in Mahone Bay on Saturday, before Noel hit, and learned to felt a picture and needlefelting. A very fun time and we worked through lunch so we could leave ahead of the storm. I did manage to pop in the store for long enough to buy a scarf kit. It is called Wavy scarf and it is by the Fleece Artist. I love the scarf but am not sure I am going to have enough yarn to make the scarf as long as it claims it will be. We will see. I did get some knitting done during the power outage, but I tend to do most of my knitting at night, and my candles were not bright enough for knitting! I will post a picture when I take when in the daylight.
I have also finished and blocked my fourth baby sweater! I have three on my board drying as we speak. Again, picture to follow.

I am now going to sit and put my feet up and knit and watch TV. Sounds boring but it will be a huge treat for me!

Bye bye for now.


lexa said...

We lucked out and didn't lose power. Like you, we've never lost power for more than an hour or two at the most. We rarely ever lose power, we're on a weird line. All the streets around us can be dark, and we still have power.

Glad you gave the movie a thumbs up. I'd like to see it sometime. I love Denzel!

Marti said...

Losing power out here takes on a whole new meaning! The whole no water thing is a bit unsettling.


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