21 September 2007

MS3 has left the building

And the country! I finally got the thing blocked ( where all the mistakes showed up like crazy ), but once off the board and draped it looked fine and off course the errors were no longer jumping out and screaming at you! My sister loved it and has taken it back to England with her! They had been here for the past week and spent some time here with us, and then with my brother in Yarmouth. They are going to build a retirement home on one of the lakes in Yarmouth county, so they were there scouting out their land, builders, costs of everything over here, etc. They felt their trip was very successful, and they could be moved here within the next year or so! But the big news is: She took the *#!@$&* stole with her and I never have to see it again!

Can you believe it? I finally have pictures ready to post of the stole from hell and blogger won't let me post them! See! It wasn't meant to be! Even blogger hates it!

I am coming along nicely with my vest. I am putting the applied I cord on and then I will block it. This time it may be marginally too big, but if it is I am going to put in the washing machine with hot water and felt it a bit till it is the right size. I haven't blocked it yet, so I should really see what it will fit like before I jump into felting it.

Heather from Have A Year told me the red Cashmerino Aran wool has arrived and I really should pick that up. I am planning on knitting sweaters for Shannon's boys for their Christmas picture with it and it is rapidly getting to that time of year again. (Christmas I mean).

Plus I have 3 of the Rocketry baby sweaters to knit! Busy busy busy!

We are going to babysit Miss Reese this weekend whilst Lauren and Mark go to a wedding in the valley. We are quite excited and looking forward to that adventure!

We have a busy weekend coming up.....dinner with friends at their house tonight, dinner with John's brother and wife in Lunenburg on Saturday night, and then dinner at the Quarterdeck with friends on Sunday night! Next week I think we will finally have a few dinners at home! That will be a nice treat for a change!

Bye bye for now!

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