09 September 2007

I hate the Mystery Stole!

Just a quick note to say that after my hopes of finishing the Mystery Stole last evening, it is not going to happen. In fact, I came close to taking the whole thing and heaving it in the garbage! I was on the third of a 14 row repeat of the panel joining the two halves, when I noticed a dropped stitch and in my attempt to rescue it, the freaking thing just collapsed and fell to the beginning! So in my frustration I just grabbed and unraveled the whole panel, completely forgetting that I was picking up a stitch from each half of the stole! So I then had to take back each half 5 or 6 rows before I could go on and knit them all up again! Needless to say, I am not a happy campeer, I hate the stole, I will finish the darned thing and give it away as fast as I can. I don't think I will do another mystery stole either. I don't like not knowing what my knitting should look like and if I have made a mistake or not! I am anal, I know I am, and I just don't care! I am also cranky and tired of the @#&%**! stole!


Heddy said...

oh Donna ... my heart fell with each line I read ... that is too bad! ll that frustration for something that you aren't even going to keep. I am aggrivated with it right along with you. I hope things work out, and if they don't can you follow Lucy's advice? Maybe it "Wants" to be something else ... could it be a dolly blanket? or a pillow cover or anything but an annoying stole?


lexa said...

Too bad about the stole. That's a lot of the reason I have avoided any "mystery knitting". I tend to wait til I see once someone else has finished cuz I like to see what I'm knitting before I start. The closest I ever came was the Mystery Sock KAL where you pick a pattern to knit that doesn't have a picture.

Dorothy said...

Let me know when you're close to being done - I'll start camping in your back yard to catch it when you throw it :)

Sorry that it's frustrating you. Get it done, put it away for a while, then maybe you'll like it later?


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