08 September 2007

Fall is here! Or almost!

It is September and my favourite time of the year! I love autumn and the weather and the cooler nights and the gorgeous display of leaves. Everything feels crisp and the humidity goes away and life gets back to a normal routine. I think this is the best month to be in Nova Scotia! We often travel in September, but not this year, with the whole knee issue. We will be home for the entire month! We are planning a small trip to Maine and New Hampshire, but not until early October. Hopefully their leaves will be turning by then and we will have a spectacular drive.

I have been busy this past few weeks trying to get back to normal with the new knee. I am exercising 3 times a day and doing all that I am supposed to be doing. I see my surgeon on this coming Thursday and I want him to see how well I am doing and book my next knee for November! Cross your fingers on that one. If I do get it done in early November, then I should be fine for Christmas! We would love to be able to drive to Ottawa mid December to visit with Shannon and family. BTW, Shannon's ultrasound says a GIRL! So I must get busy knitting more pink things!

I am also watching the US Open Tennis and knitting like a crazy person on my Mystery Stole. I have finished the second half and last night joined the two halves together to knit the centre panel. With men's semis today and the ladies final tonight, I might even finish it! Yes! Yay! Woohoo! No pictures till it is finished. There are some errors, but not really noticeable unless you block it out on something white. But they will never show when it is being worn. I am also not sure who to give it to. I have 3 myself and it is a navy denim colour which I would never wear. So I hope somebody likes it and would use it.

We went to Saint John last week to visit Lauren and Mark and Miss Reese and see the Cirque de Soleil show, which was wonderful! We had a lovely time with them and I visited the Yarn shop at the Market and bought the cutest sweater kit for Reese. I started it there, but have put it aside till the stole is finished. Reese is turning into a little person, walking a little bit and just as cute as can be.

I received the Dream in Colour yarn I ordered several weeks ago, to knit the the Rocketry sweater again. All the shops were out of it and had to wait for the factory to produce more. They can thank the Yarn Harlot and her June 5 post, for making that a popular project! I bought full skeins and should be able to knit 3 or 4 of the little sweaters with it. I have three people already who I need them for. So I should be busy for a while.

I also signed up for a class on the 15th at Have A Yarn. The instuctor is Jane Thornley and she is doing a class on beading. It sounds and looks like a fun time! I enjoy taking these classes and learning new techniques and ideas. It not for Lucy Neatby and some of her advice, I would still be on the first half of my stole. I have learned that I can live with a mistake or two or 30 if they are not obvious!

Having nothing else to say:

Bye bye for now!


lexa said...

Hope you can get your knee done in November so you're all healed up for Christmas!

Bet Shannon's happy that's she's having a girl. I have to get started on the baby blanket for my new nephew or else he'll be here before it's done! (I have til November, but I'd like it done by the end of October. That's not far away, I'd better soon start!)

Landerson said...

Well "walking" may be a stretch, but she's definitley taking a few steps. You're a proud grandmother!


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