27 August 2007


Ok, so today is the dreaded 60th and I have survived waking up and don't think I look or feel that old. But I am and I have to say I hate it! Ugh! Yuck! Blah! I could go on a lot longer, but to what end. I am not going to go back to being 59! So suck it up and move on.

With that off my chest, I will go on to knee news. My new knee is coming along nicely thank you very much. I have 115 - 120 degrees of range and don't have to go to physio any more. He says just continue with my exercises at home and I will do fine. I see the specialist on Sept.13 and hopefully will get a date for the next knee to be done. I am doing my exercises 3 times a day, rubbing lotions and creams on the scar to help it heal faster and we even bought a recumbent stationary bike which I use once a day for 10 minutes. I imagine I will get better at that, but I will say if I do it too long, my knee suffers that night when I am in bed. So I am taking it slowly but surely. And the biggest news of all is that I can now drive. I have good range and mobility so the physio guy and I decided that I could drive last Wednesday.......3 weeks post op! I must say I found that to be very hard, depending on others, usually John, to drive me places. But now I am able to go and do what I want and when I want!

On the knitting front, I am making great progress on the Mystery Stole 3 project. Because of surgery and other reasons, I got behind on the clues, which came out every week. So when they were posting the last few clues and it developed into a totally different half than the first half ( it looks like a wing), I decided, apparently with lots of others, to make the symetrical version and repeat the first four clues again and then join the two halves. So I am well into the second half and with the US Open coming up this next two weeks, I can see myself finishing it by then. Still no pics, maybe next time.

I am off to do my exercises and bike so,

Bye bye for now.


meegiemoo said...

Happy Birthday!

Dorothy said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!

Heddy said...

Happy first anniversary of your 59th birthday! (that's what my FIL always says!)I can't wait to see pictures of your shawl! I saw your vest at Have a yarn on the weekend ... you do really nice work.


lexa said...

Happy belated birthday! Glad your knee is healing well.

Congrats on the next grandchild-to-be! Hope you get to knit girly things. My SIL found out she's having a boy, dang it! I was so looking forward to a little girl. I don't think she'll have another one, I'll be surprised if she does. She isn't having a "fun" pregnancy at all!


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