09 August 2007

One knee down, one to go

Here I am, home again and with a new right knee which is working pretty darn well if I do say so myself! I am scooting around the house with a walker on wheels, which they say I should use for 2 weeks or until it gets in the way. So far I am doing ok but occasionally forget it.

My friend took me to physio yesterday and then to Lanes for lunch just like a real person! If felt so great to be doing ordinary normal things. The physio guy was very pleased with my progress and showed me a new exercise to add to my 3 x daily regieme. He doesn't want to add anything too much till my staples come out next Wednesday! Even my incision isn't too long and my leg is stratight again! It is really amazing.

I got absolutely no knitting or even reading done in the hospital. My hemoglobin dropped dramatically and I felt like I had been drug through a knot hole and then back again. The hemoglobin thing was worse than the surgery I kid you not! So I had to stay an extra day but I am feeling so much better now. I am working on the ever popular mystery stole and am just finishing up clue 2. I think there are at least 5 clues out now so I have some catching up to do!

Off to do my exercises!

Bye bye for now.


Landerson said...

Soooooo glad that you're feeling better! Wish I were there to nurse you back to health, but I gather you're well taken care of:0)Good luck with your exercises!

lexa said...

Glad you are recovering fast! I haven't gotten much knitting done since someone hogs the front seat, and sitting in the back is havoc on my lower back. When I get home I will be going to the chiropractor for a tune-up, that's for sure!

Heddy said...

you are recovering so fast! I am really glad to hear you are getting around well now! You must have really been feeling lousy to not want to knit ... I hope you have your knitting mojo back again!

I Remco your Physio dude? He's good at it!


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