28 July 2007

The Heat is On!

It has been hot and humid and just barely tolereable these last few days! I know everyone complains about the weather when it is foggy and cool, but I seriously mind the heat. It seems a bit cooler this morning, so perhaps today won't be too bad.

Shannon and family left this morning for the drive home to Ottawa. They are stopping in Edmunston NB for the night and to help break up the trip! Two toddlers in the car on a long trip like that just isn't fun! But they had a wonderful time here and the weather was great and they all look tanned and healthy. The boys are really growing and I would like to post a picture, but Mark has the best one and I need to get him to send it to me.

Still slogging away on the MS3 project. I am so close to finishing Clue 1. In fact I had all 100 rows done when I dropped a stitch and in the process of picking it up I dropped more and ended up taking it back 6 freaking rows. So now I am on row 96 and with a little care, I should be able to start Clue 2 today.

My back is sore this morning so I shall get an ice pack and go sit and knit and see if I can't pass the 100 mark. I have to put in a lifeline at that row and I think that is where my mistake started. Almost every time I put in a lifeline, I have problems on the next row. But I can see how using them helps. I have been putting them in every 10th row so I shouldn't have to undo more than to that point. But I then make a mistake or do something stupid on the row after the lifeline and it goes on in a never ending circle of unravelled yarn pooling in a pile beside my chair!

I will take a picture if I ever get Clue 2 actually started!

Bye bye for now!

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Debbie said...

You'll get no sympathy from me! Firstly, I don't even understand what language you're speaking. And secondly, anyone who willingly signs up for that sort of torture deserves everything they get! On the other hand, glad to hear the Bertels' visit went so well, can't wait to see the pix. Godd luck with your op...


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