24 July 2007

MS3 is killing me!

We have been really busy this last week or so. Our kids home on holidays, christenings and birthday parties etc. Not much time to blog or knit. And when I do knit, I try working on the Mystery Stole, which I think may remain a mystery to me! I am having the worst time with this project. I must have taken it out and started again at least 10 times, I have unraveled multitudinous rows and am now about at the point where I am prepared to give in. I cannot look at the graph and get a picture of what it looks like in my mind. I think that is my biggest problem, because I cannot see a mistake as I make it and therefore cannot fix it as I am knitting it. I cannot pick up a dropped stitch when I have made an error in a row. The more errors I try to correct, the more stitches drop and the more rows I have to unravel. It is all the yarn overs and knit 2 together that I find so difficult to pick up. I think my main problem is that I cannot live with the tiniest mistake, so I try to fix it and then I start dropping stitche and so it goes! And I am concentrating really hard and counting stitches after every row and I still manage to screw things up. I am not a person who gives up easily, but this might be the thing that takes me down.

I am not posting a picture because it has another mistake, which I will again try to fix and if I end up undoing 5 rows or more, it goes in the garbage!

Bye bye for now!


lexa said...

From what I've been reading you aren't the only one having a hard time with this project! Poor Knitdad threw his first one out (it had felted somewhat from the heat anyways). He restarted with a different yarn/lighter color, and it looks really nice.

Hope you can work it all out! Looking forward to seeing a picture of it.

Heddy said...

how is the shawl coming along? Better I hope -- maybe it would be a good project for recouperating from your knee surgery?

I wish the Yarn Harlot's timing wasn't better for you -- It's a shame you will miss her!

Thanks for the compliment on my spinning efforts -- I am really enjoying it!


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