02 June 2007

The Vest!

I am watching ( listening ) to the hockey game whilst I work on my newest project, Lucy Neatby's Equilateral Triangle Vest. ( Actually I am taking a break from the knitting to finally catch up on this blog. ) I am using Kueryon wool in my favourite colours. I even worked the swatch piece, and per the pattern, decided it was going to be too big, so I cut my triangles down to 19, instead of 21. Now of course, as I am working on it I am fully convinced that it is going to be too small for me and too big for either of my girls, who take a much smaller size than me. Then Lucy's words go through my head, never tear out your work, just change it into something else. So I am thinking cushion cover, small afghan for very little people, or maybe just do extra lengths/widths of I cord in the finishing process until it fits me! Yea! Much better idea than a stupid cushion cover. This is so not like me! I always follow the pattern religiously, but here I am after one day of classes with Lucy, going off like a crazy person! Changing things and not obsessing about it. Well not really obsessing too much. And I must say that this vest is giving me tons of practice with the mattress stitch! We learned that from Lucy as well and that could possibly be a life changing ( in my knitting world anyway )lesson for me. A most versatile and amazing technique!

I finished another one of her Sea Lettuce scarfs and it came out much better than the first one,and I am very pleased with it. The colours stayed consistent throughout the whole scarf! As for the green scarf that had me in such a state, I have found a new home for it where it will be very happy. My neighbour did a favour for me so I offered her one of the two Sea Lettuce scarfs and guess which one she just loved! The green scarf! I even pointed out that the colours weren't the same on both ends, but she just didn't mind that at all!

Ottawa has just scored the go ahead goal and it is between periods right now. My daughter and her husband are at the game tonight and I imagine neither of them will have a voice tomorrow if they are part of the yelling and screaming going on there tonight! So we are hoping for Ottawa of course! The goalie for the Ducks, Giguere, is married to the daughter of a friend of ours, so if the Ducks end up winning, we would be happy for them!

I have a meeting in Bridgewater tomorrow afternoon. Yes Sunday afternoon. The chairman and treasurer and I are getting together to triple check all the names registered for the reunion and who is going to what, and so on and so on! We have over 550 people registered so it could take all afternoon. My intention is to take a picture of my finished scarf, and the pretty one I have started but then put aside in favour of The Vest, and The Vest in the morning. But that depends on whether I stay up to watch (listen to) the end of the hockey game.

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lexa said...

I'd like to see Ottawa win since they're a Canadian team. But even if the Ducks win it's okay since the goalie has local ties. (I like to see teams win that have either never won before or haven't for a long time.)

Glad to hear the green scarf found a happy home! Looking forward to seeing pics of the vest. I had a much better time seaming the sweater I just made for my youngest now that I can do mattress stitch correctly. Too bad they can't get Lucy back til 2008. I'll be there!


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