04 June 2007


I did try to take pictures yesterday morning but my camera battery was dead. When I got home from my 1 p.m. meeting at 9:10 last evening, I was too darn tired to take any pics. Can you believe we worked steadily for almost 7 1/2 hours and I had a 45 minute drive to and from our meeting which was in Bridgewater? My poor old head was spinning from sitting at the computer and comparing numbers and entry fees, etc. etc. etc.!!! Anyway, big job over and done with!

So the camera battery has been recharged and here we are:

The Sea Lettuce scarf in bright primary colours; I think it is going to be gorgeous!

And The Vest! This is the view of the back. You can see where I need to do some more mattress stitch or the strip gets too long and then you can get confused with direction! And I can't do the mattress stitch at night with the dark colours so I just kept going. I have to go around the next corner and down to the bottom and the back will be finished! Then I pick up stitches at the top to start down the front side(s) of the vest.

The French Open Tennis is on with Nadal and Hewitt right now so I am off to stitch and watch. And tonight is another hockey game which I am sure John will want to watch so I should get more done then. It is knitting up faster than I thought and I am still unsure of the sizing issue. It is hard to measure as the triangles get fitted together with the front piece at the sides and fill in what appear to big gaps.

Bye bye for now!


Shannon said...

The vest looks like it will be really neat . . . interesting colours too. Hope you didn't watch the game last night. We are all in mourning here in Ottawa :-( I've decided I'm ready for hockey to be over - this is far too stressful on me!

lexa said...

The scarf is looking great with those nice, bright colors! I so wish I'd taken the afternoon class with Lucy. Next time! (Tho it sucks they can't get her til next year.)

Heddy said...

That Vest is looking great -- I love the Noro colourscheme you chose! very pretty!

I am sooooo kicking myself that I didn't sign up for the afternoon class -- I thought it would be dull ... yeah! I am a dummy! Looks like you learned some pretty cool stuff!

I look forward to seeing the finished product!

Heddy said...

Just a quick "Hi" -- Tracy (my sister) went to school with Shannon (I think!) I am older so don't really remember! I am jealous that you got the kit from Lettuce Knit!

See ya Saturday!


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