20 May 2007

Wet weather allows for knitting

We have had a serious bout of damp, rainy, overcast weather for the past several days. I have chosen to use this downtime to get some knitting done whilst I catch up on the TV shows I have DVR'd recently. I have about 3 or 4 of each series that I regularly watch on DVR. I haven't had time to watch them so I keep having to tape them so I can watch them in sequence. I watched the 3rd last CSI yesterday afternoon and intend to watch the last 2 today. Having seen the show yesterday, I am seriously glad I didn't cheat and watch the final show Thursday night! Looks to be reeeeaaaalllly good!

I finished a pair of slippers that are waiting to be felted. This pair is for my pedicure lady for Christmas! I used a varigated pink and solid pink in the Paton's Classic Wool so they should turn out well. I also got the same yarn to do them in greens for my hairdresser. Her name is Holly and she loves anything green. I often wonder if she likes green because of her name or she would have still love greens if her name was Heather or Daisy, for example?!

Despite my debacle with the Sea Lettuce scarf, I decided to try again with another skein of yarn. This one is purple and goldish and is coming out very well.

Oh yes! I forgot to mention the Lucy Neatby classes in Mahone Bay last Saturday! What a great teacher this lady is. She gave us so many hints and ideas and it was all a fantastic experience. I bought a couple of her DVDs which I havent' had time to watch yet, but am really looking forward to doing so soon. I figure if the Yarn Harlot can learn new things from her, then I should be able to soak up a whole lot of information. I would say that the best thing I learned that day was the many ways that the mattress stitch can rescue knitting projects. Sleeves too short, knit a new cuff and the required length to make the sleeve the right length and then mattress stitch them together and cut off the old sleeve. How neat is that?!

I ran into Heather Tunnah from Have A Yarn at a restaurant in Lunenburg last night and she told me the pattern has arrived for the triangle vest that Lucy designed and had on display at our class. Absolutely gorgeous! I am having lunch in Mahone Bay tomorrow with friends, so I really hope that the stores are open there even if it is a holiday long weekend! I would love to get the pattern and the yarn and have a fun project for the summer! I always love getting new yarn and colours for a new project!

Bye bye for now!


lexa said...

Oh, wow, can't wait to see your Lucy vest! Her stuff really inspired me to try and do more colorwork. We got three new sock patterns at the store, all three from Red Bird Knits, all three colorwork. I am getting them all and have to pick which one to start first!

Landerson said...

You're right, this scarf already looks better. Hope it turns out well. Keep your fingers crossed for some warm sun!


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