20 June 2007

Vest Update

Here we go again! I took my poor, pathetic, too small for me, vest to Have A Yarn to show Heather, and she loveed it. ( Who wouldn't though, it really did come out beautifully!) So she is going to put it on display at her store with the pattern to encourage others to knit one! And she is going to put a price on it and maybe it will sell and I at least will get my money back.

So I decided to do it again and bought more yarn. This time I bought the Noro Silk Garden. Mine is colour 228 which I don't see here, but looks to me like it would be closest to 258. It is a blend of silk, mohair and lambswool! Same weight etc as the Noro but softer on the hands for a summer project. I also picked up one of the Lucy Neatby bracelet kits they had. "I need projects to keep me busy once I have my knee replacement surgery" is my rationale for purchasing yet more yarn! No pictures yet as I am off to do a million errands today, but as soon as I have progress with the newest version of the vest, I will post pics!

Bye bye for now.


lexa said...

Maybe the vest will soon find a happy home! The bracelet kits look quite neat. You'll have lots to keep you busy, I'm sure!

Dorothy said...

Drove by your road yesterday morning. And as I went I said "I should have told her I was going to White Point today". Oh well, I was on a class trip with Katie's class.

A friend and I are thinking of taking a third friend to that Quarterdeck place for her b-day lunch. Figured I'd check with you on the food quality and price range, since you're a "local" :) It looks like a nice place to go for lunch. Would you recommend it? We're thinking July 2nd. Thanks!

Heddy said...

I was at Have a Yarn on Saturday and saw your "Poor, pathetic, too small for you vest" --- it looks grest! They have it hanging in a really prominent place ... I bet it sells fast! They should put it on their website too -- they sometimes feature work by customers on there, and your vest is a great example of something totally gorgeous that someone made!

Shannon dropped me a line on my blog looking for Tracy, so I emailed back and sent their phone number (Tracy doesn't have internet at home).

Debbie said...

Next time you make a mistake like that withsomething so gorgeous, let me know and I'LL buy it -- it is so beautiful!!!!


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