19 June 2007

It's finished!!

Well I finally finished The Vest and I must say I am very pleased with it. The I cord around the edges went on beautifully and really finishes it off nicely. The only problem is that it is probably one size too small. I swatched and everything but depite all my good intentions, it is too small. So now I am in a quandry......what to do with it? It definitely won't fit my girls, sooooooo, I don't know what? Hmmmmmm! Anyway. Here it is dressing up my dining room chair. Front view.

And the back view:

I really enjoyed doing it and as I have to go to Bridgewater today, I may run down to Mahone Bay and get more of the Noro and do another one, using the 21 stitches instead of the 19 I used. Picking out another colour is going to be the hardest part. The one I did this one in had by far my favourite colours in it.

I have been getting lots done lately. I finally finished John's books and took them to the accountant so he can have them ready by the end of the month for Revenue Canada. What a hateful job! But I will say that everything reconciled quite nicely this time. Only a few missed entries! So that is one big job done.

And our reunion is getting closer and closer. That will definitely keep me busy till the whole thing is over. And I am guessing totally exhausted by the time it is over!! I vote that our whole committee go out somewhere for a nice dinner and drinks to celebrate what I anticipate is going to be a wonderful reunion!!!

So I'm off!
Bye bye for now!


Heddy said...

Donna ... it's beautiful!! Nice job! Too bad it is too small -- can you fix it by adding a row or 2 of I-cord to the outer edge? Would that help to increase the dimensions at all? Is there anywhere to add an I-cord where the front and back join together (or is it just one continuous piece?) ?... I wish I was a small woman, I'd take it off your hands FAST!!! I wonder if Lucy Neatby would have any suggestions for 'fixing" it to be your size?? It would be woth sending her an email.

lexa said...

Too bad it's too small. :( It turned out great, though! Maybe if you can't figure out some modification you'll be able to find it a home. Maybe one of the girls has a friend or in-law family member it will fit?


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