28 June 2007

Rocketry Sweater

The Rocketry Sweater kit arrived late last week and I promptly dropped everything to work on it! I finished it Monday night, but was not happy with the way the ribbing went around the corners and no amount of stretching or pulling or anything was going to make that lay anywhere near remotely flat. So I unraveled all the ribbing and added a few extra stitches where it turns the corners and it is much better. Needs buttons and blocking but it really is a dear sweater. And easy to knit up. I am trying to get more yarn to knit a couple of more sweaters, but that is proving to be a challenge. I think everyone who reads The Yarn Harlot ( and there are a lot of them out there ) are all wanting to knit this and so the Dream in Color people are running out of it! I couldn't find an online retailer that had all six colors I need nor have I heard back from any shops I have emailed! How frustrating it that when you are on a roll?!

So I am back working on The Silk Garden version of The Vest. I still love the feel of this yarn! Much nicer for working on in the summer than the wool! And have we had summer!!!!!

Yesterday was 32 here! Even poor old Mags is minding it. She is laying around the house like a limp dishrag. Sprawled out on the floor as it is cooler there than anywhere. It definitely required a visit to the Dairy Treat for an ice cream sundae!

My computer guru was here yesterday and stripped my computer down and re-installed everything. So of course I am going through the stage where I realize what I forgot to save and have lost and am totally frustrated trying to get everything back the way it was before but not so slow and sluggish. The price you pay to keep things running faster! This makes sense to me even if no one else understands what I am trying to say. I also needed to get a new UPS which stands for Uninterupted Power Supply. I bought a cheap one at The Source and apparently the power supply it provides comes through in a jagged pattern instead of a nice smooth pattern which is what computers like. I am using one I borrowed from the computer/LYS in town and everything is working much better now. So i am waiting for a new one to come in for me and I should have that problem solved! I got a UPS in the first place because we were having so many thunder and lightening storms which were then causing our power to keep going on and off and was wreaking havoc with my computer last summer! Technology is great when it works but totally sucks when it doesn't!

So, things to do, people to see, I am off.

Bye bye for now!


Heddy said...

wow! wow! wow! That is a darling baby sweater .. it turned out perfect! The colours are really fun and it looks so cozy and soft.

You vest is coming along beautifully! I really like the colours of the new yarn .. the silk looks great and I prefer the colours of the new vest over the colours of the vest you knit last month ... it is drop dead gorgeous! and will look so nice on you (really suits your colouring!)

lexa said...

The baby sweater is really cute. Hope you can find the stuff to make a couple more!

The new vest is looking great, too. I really love the colors. I have only ever knit with Noro Kureyon. There's a shawl pattern I've been eyeing that uses Noro something-or-other, can't remember off-hand what it is. But it also uses a not-lumpy-bumpy yarn, and I haven't decided what I want to do yet. I like the one the designer knit, it's gorgeous colors, and she used the Noro. I have time yet! I don't think I'll look to start a shawl til the fall.

Dorothy said...

The baby sweater looks sweet. Can't comment on the colors though - my monitor has a yellow tinge to it lately.

A nice sunny day for our grad party :)

We decided to go to White Point for lunch on Monday - friend we are treating for her b-day is allergic to shellfish, and after seeing a menu for the Quarterdeck we decided not to risk the cross contamination :)


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