01 July 2007

A little obsessed maybe?

With all the tennis on this week and next, I should finish my second vest soon. Whoops! Maybe not. Forgot about the reunion this coming weekend. But I do manage to knit whenever I sit down and am almost finished the back of my vest. And if I do say so myself it looks really, really good!

Today is middle Sunday at Wimbledon and they don't play that day. Why I don't know other than it is an old tradition and the English are very fond of their traditions. Mind you, a lot of people and nations are fond of their traditions as well, I am not just picking on the British. I am just miffed that I have a day that I thought I would spend watching tennis and I forgot about that whole no tennis on middle Sunday thing! So I will do some household chores today, mainly laundry and watch reruns of tennis on NBC this afternoon. We are invited out to a Canada Day dinner with friends this evening which should be a fun time and means I don't have to cook dinner. More knitting will get done today and perhaps I will start the front of the vest!

So here are the pics. The first is taken using a flash:

And the second is taken with natural indoor lighting:

I am not sure which one has the better colour so I posted both.

All I have left to do is turn that corner and then go down even with the bottom. Then I will pick up either the right green edge or the left purple edge at the top and start on the front! And that is how I am spending my Canada Day.

Happy Canada Day to everyone! Try out this Canada Day trivia quiz!

Bye bye for now.


Heddy said...

that is really coming along fast ... and is sooo pretty. You must be really happy with it. The colours are so cheery and summery.

Happy Canada Day ... i scored 18 right on the quiz (12 wrong! eeek!)

Dorothy said...

Man that quiz was hard!! I only got 15 right.
Vest is looking very pretty.

Landerson said...

Gorgeous colors!

I won't even say how poorly I did on that trivia quiz....embarassing!

lexa said...

The vest is looking good! Very pretty colors! I bet that yarn is awesome to work with.


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