07 June 2007

The Vest continues

Another day of tennis at the French Open and some more knitting to do. It is the women's semi-finals and so should be good tennis!

Last night was the final game and The Ducks won! My sympathy goes out to Shannon and all her friends in Ottawa, but the Sens did get to the final. Maybe next year they will win! I did get knitting done watching that! I have finished the back and am working down the right side of the front. It looks so weird because it just doesn't look like it is going to turn into anything much less a vest at this point. I don't have a picture but take my word for it.

I also broke down last night and ordered the baby sweater the Yarn Harlot has been gushing about. They only had it in the boy version and I am knitting it for my neighbour's first grandchild. I think those colours could be worn by either a boy or a girl, whereas the girl version is a serious girly sweater! Hope it arrives soon as the baby is due in July!

Lexa is having a WWKIP day at her store on Saturday. If it is nice I may go down and support the cause! They will be outside in lawn chairs is the weather is good. Not really conducive to knitting inside the store though. Just not enough room!

I have to go to Bridgewater at noon for a nail appointment and then tonight we are off to Charlotte Lane to meet my brother and SIL for dinner. So I am now going to watch a bit of tennis.

Bye bye for now!

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lexa said...

So far it looks as though Saturday will be sunny and quite warm, so it should be nice outside. Yes, our space is limited inside. I'll just prop the inside door open, sit by the outside door, and move the phone over closer so I can hear it. I think Tim is working for a bit with me (no, he won't be knitting -- I keep trying!) because he lost some hours on Tuesday.

I love that little baby sweater! I am holding off on baby knitting for now because I think that SIL is going to find out what she's having. I may as well wait. I really want to do Devan from Knitty, along with too many other things! I have a baby blanket planned if I go to Alberta in the big truck this summer. That would be a good project. I'll have lots of time to knit, and I plan on using Bernat Lu Lu (it's like Snowflake) so it will just be garter stitch (but I plan on doing a color block thing or something). That shouldn't bother my motion sickness.


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