07 April 2007

Home from Florida

We arrived home from Florida on Tuesday evening after 4 days driving. My back and sciatic nerve can tolerate the sitting and laying down, but walking kills me. It has improved to the point where I can function at a low level because I know when it is getting too painful and sit down for a few minutes. It really hasn't got any better since my last cranky post, so I am making an appointment with my doctor and getting an x ray done. Hopefully that will show something that can be helpful. Plus I am trying to spend this Easter weekend quietly and getting as much down time as possible!

My stupid computer has been acting up since I got home too. Every time I turn around it is restarting. Doesn't seem to matter if I am using it or not. But it is very annoying and I send the stupid error reports and they say there is no fix, but I could try something that is 3 pages long in instructions and requires a computer genius to figure it out! My reply on their " was this helpful" form is not printable in civilized company!

I have some pictures from our holiday of the grandkids, but none of my knitting yet. I haven't been able to block the Sea Silk shawl and the beige one is just boring looking. So here they are:

David looking very angelic. He is a toddler and into everything but you would never know it by the looks of him!

Pete is at the stage where he doesn't want his picture taken, so here he is watching a video. He really did have a great time in Florida and the highlight for Pete was MINI GOLF!

Next we have Miss Reese looking happy and showing off her teeth! What a little charmer!

Lunchtime in front of the video machine was just too cute. Three little cousins intently watching the screen whilst they eat their lunches.

And lastly, one more of Reese because she just has the best smiles!

Bye bye for now!

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lexa said...

Home in time for the biggest snowstorm of the season! Isn't this terrible? I was looking in my archives from last April, and the boys were outside riding bicycles and just wearing sweatshirts. This shouldn't last. I see it's supposed to be all above zero and mainly sunny til the middle of next week.

I haven't touched my knitting since Monday night. Too much running around, sick kid who wanted to be held constantly, and just too tired to do it. Right now I am winding some skeins so they are ready to go when I need them. Maybe in a bit I'll finally get to start my second Dublin Bay sock and watch the snow fly!

Have a good Easter!


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