21 April 2007

The Sun!

The sun is shining for the second day in a row and I am not quite sure how to take it. Makes me want to wear all my summer clothes, even though the temps are not quite at summer levels yet. But it just makes you feel so good, especially after days and days of rain. And the Easter snowstorm prior to the rain! April has not been a kind month to us here in NS. Maybe this time spring will really be on the way!!??

I went to Mahone Bay this week to the yarn shop to pay for my Lucy Neatby classes next month. I am really looking forward to this! Anyway, there was this funky looking scarf there called Sea Lettuce designed by her so of course I bought it and the Fleece Artist yarn to knit it up with:

It looks like it would be difficult, but it really is quite simple once you get going!

And I have some finished (almost) projects. I have finished but not blocked the shawl I started in Florida. I am pleased with it despite the fact that it drove me crazy knitting the darn thing. The colour is not quite right in the picture, it is a bit darker, but looks really nice in person.

Next I have the Sea Silk shawl I started last fall and then put aside so I could work on winter sweaters, etc. for the little ones. So I took it to Florida with me and finished that whilst we were there! Yea!

I am really really pleased with this one but again it is waiting to be blocked. I cannot believe how much better things look after being nicely blocked. It really is worth the time and effort!

Tonight we are off with a group of friends to Shelburne where Roland, of Charlotte Lane, is providing the meal for a fundraiser at the Osprey Arts Centre. This also involves wine tasting so it should be a good time.

I have been so busy since we got home from Florida, trying to get our tax stuff ready, and then the LRHS 50 Year Anniversary reunion is also taking up a fair bit of time as well. Hopefully I will keep this up to date a bit better now.

Bye bye for now.


lexa said...

We've been outside playing all afternoon the last two days. Last night we had our first bbq. The boys wouldn't let it go til Daddy moved stuff around to get the bbq out of the garage. (The Caddy has a dead battery, so it took some doing.) Guess it's time to get some new sunscreen and bug spray. (Yes! Finally!)

I have been "directed" to a nice shawl that may be something simple for me to start with. I have a link posted on my blog. I am debating between the two yarns, though. I won't be able to get the yarn for a couple of weeks probably, so that gives me some time to ponder.

Hope you had a fun evening!

Dorothy said...

gee, wish I had known you were coming this way last night, you could have left early and come here for a bit.
Hope you had a good time!

Debbie said...

The shawls are beautiful, as always, and I love the turquoise one to bits ! And the photos of the kids ( next post down) were terrific to see. Gawd, they are GROWING. Doesn't David look like Paul now ??????


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