28 March 2007

Crankier but getting better

I cannot believe it! The day the kids arrived, last Wed., I had a pain in my left hip that I attributed to sitting in the lounge chair too long. Next day, excruciating pain in my left butt when I got up in the morning. 10+ on a scale of 10. After some rest this cleared up and then the same thing Friday. Saturday, no reprieve at all from the pain so off we go to the emergency department. 3 hours later we are out of their with a diagnosis of sciatica and multiple drugs. They have finally started to work and I am able to be up and around like a normal person. Still using the hot pack for a while when I first get up, so I am on mend, slowly but surely! John has done a wonderful job of looking after me!
So that is my pathetic news.

Bye bye for now.

1 comment:

Debbie said...

oh, no! Poor you, what an awful thing to have, and to have to face driving back to Canada as well !
Jeez, Donna, you never do anything by half measure, eh ? Am anxious to hear you got back safely...


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