19 March 2007

Now I am cranky!

I had 5 whole paragraphs done and then this stupid laptop froze up and I lost the whole thing. Up until then it was a lovely day. The sun is shining and it is supposed to be mid 70s today and I am going out to sit in my beach cabana and read and tan and relax! Amazing how something like that can instantly bring my BP up!

Anyway, Brian & I went to Tarpon Springs on Wednesday whilst John and Ros golfed. We had a fun day and had a great lunch of Greek food. It is wonderful place to stroll around and watch the boats and people and there are all sorts of neat little shops. Most have junk, but there are the occasional really fun things to buy! I did get the best thing for one of my friends. I just couldn't resist it and I know she will LOVE it.

Did I mention that I absolutely hated the pink yarn I bought to knit the sweater for Reese. It just was horrid and the yarn kept splitting and the little bobbly things were always staying on the wrong side and I hated working with it. So I took the 4 unused balls back to the shop and traded it for some taupe/tan coloured lambswool to knit another shawl with. Now this pattern is simple: a 4 row repeat and every other row is a purl row. The odd rows are slip a stitch, knit 2 togethers, passed slipped stitch overs, yarn forwards, etc. So I manage to miss a yarn forward or a psso and then don't notice it and have to rip it out! For some reason, I cannot figure out how to just drop the offending stitch and pick it back up with a crochet hook like I can with plain knit or purl stitches. I have to rip it out back to the mistake and then continue. I swear I have done the shawl twice as far as I am now because of this. And I concentrate and pay attention. Especially after I have ripped out several rows! So what happens? Even paying the strictest attention, I still manage to miss a yo or something. So now I am trying to check each row as I finish it to make sure all is well and even then I will go along for a few more rows and then notice a missed stitch! And I like to consider myself an intermediate level knitter but this stupid 4 row repeat has my gobsmacked and discombubalated and just plain frustrated! I will post a pic when I get far enough along to have something worthy to show.

On a happier note, we went out to dinner last night with Barb & Doug to The Macaroni Grill where we all had a wonderful meal and a great deal of laughing, etc. Could it have been the wine?

We are looking forward to our kids arriving on Wednesday ( Shan & family) and then on Friday ( Lauren and Mark and Reese)! The weather is supposed to be sunny and 80s through the weekend, so it sounds like a great time to be on the beach! I know the little boys will love it, but Miss Reese is only 8 months and may not have quite as much fun as they will. I envision her eating it, but both our girls ate sand as babies and look at them now!

John has just gone off to the driving range to hit balls and I am about to go down to the beach. I am thinking I may get my hair trimmed this afternoon. It has only been 4 weeks since I got it cut but it seems long and limp and won't do anything. Maybe it grows more in the sun or something, but I am definitely feeling like the shaggy dog. Their are a couple of places at Tyrone Mall that I can probably just walk in and get it trimmed today.

Bye bye for now!


Landerson said...

We can't wait!!!!!

lexa said...

Have fun when the family arrives!


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