14 March 2007

Overcast in Florida again

We had 7 beautiful sunny days and woke up this morning to clouds. Boo! Hiss! I was going to spend the day lounging around on my cabana reading and tanning. John & Ros are going golfing at noon so, unless the sun comes out soon, I will drive them so Brian and I can do something this afternoon!

We had a lovely day in Sarasota on Monday with our friends. The guys golfed and the girls went shopping at St. Armamds Circle. Lovely shopping area! I managed to find a few things at Chico's, a tunic length linen top with all thin, top down, stripes and the colours were lime green, turquoise, yellow, denim and looked wonderful on me. I also got a chocolate brown tunic top and pants to go with the most gorgeous belt, decorated with turquoise! Looks wonderful! We all went out to dinner and then we headed home.

Yesterday afternoon Ros & I went to the outlet mall in Ellenton where I had more good luck at the Chicos there. Of course as an outlet store everything is on sale and I found this gorgeous beige suede jacket that was decorated with little different coloured circles and it was just so me! No pics yet. Also the ever popular ( for me ) taupe pants and jacket. Ros also did well at Liz Claibourne and was pleased.

On the knitting end of things, I was very disappointed in the yarn I bought to knit a sweater for Reese, it split and was just very cheap looking done up. I ended up taking the other 4 balls back and bought some light brown yarn to knit the shawl I bought for Nancy. It won't look remotely the same because the colours are so different. I must say I am having a hard time getting started with it. I must have started and taken it out 7 or 8 times. Let's hope this is the keeper. I have actually finished the first 4 rows and then I will start the repeat pattern. That will be the one that tells whether I am on a roll or will be frogging it again. Cross your fingers for me.

Still not sunny so I am off to have my shower.

Bye bye for now.

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