08 February 2007

Time Goes by so Quickly

Today is another sunny but cold day! We are on a run of sunny but cold days! the average is - 8 daytime temps to - 18 at night. We are definitely paying for our wonderfully mild January!

Got a call last night from Lauren to say that the parcel with the pink sweater for Reese and the slippers for her had arrived. I mailed them Monday afternoon. It took 2 days! That is almost a miracle! It took 4 days for a card to get there last week!And the parcel cost almost $10 to mail. In a bubble envelope! No wonder people use email and pay bills online.

My steroid injections in my knees have worn off and I am back to being a crippled person hobbling around everywhere. I am waiting to get them done again until just before we go to Florida later this month, so at least I will be able to walk the beach and do some shopping without being in constant pain. The relief only lasts for a month or so, but what a great month!

No big projects on the go right now, so I am using up some leftover yarn that I forgot to take back from my purple Olympic medal sweater. I am doing another IHS and will probably give this to Shan as it matches her sweater. I have to get some projects lined up to take to Florida, and especially for driving, as we will be spending many hours in the car......better part of 4 days. I should be able to get a lot done then!

I am off to lunch in Bridgewater with my friend and then getting my nails done. What a boring life I lead! However, after raising a family and working all those years, I feel this is my time to do what I want. And so I do!

Bye bye for now!


lexa said...

Florida, oh, wouldn't it be nice to go someplace warm! Maybe next year we'll take the kids somewhere nice for a week. Have to get four passports first, and that won't be cheap.

Off out into the cold to take Ma to town. My dryer isn't working, so I have to lug a load up to her house to dry. I'm hoping it isn't anything major and that Dad can fix it this weekend.

Shannon said...

It's not a boring life :-). You deserve to do what you like!! What is an IHS???? I'm sorry your knees are sore again but am glad you will be getting another shot before Florida. You will need it for my two energetic boys, right? BTW that pink sweater for Reese is to die for!!!


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