12 February 2007

Peter's Sweater

Finally Shan got a picture of Peter that I can post to show that it did indeed fit him and looks really great on him. Next time we may get a smile!

I am also including a picture of the Irish Hiking scarf that I knit for Shan but it still needs to be blocked and will look much better when it is properly blocked. I should probably do that and get it in the mail before spring arrives.

I am currently working on a pair of slippers for a friend and old neighbour of mine growing up. He was here for dinner over Christmas and quite loved them so I of course offered to knit him a pair. And then after that I have a pair of boiled wool mittens for my friend Craig who uses them for hunting and sailing and claims they are the best mittens he has had since his aunt died 20 years ago. Just call me Auntie Donna. I hope to finish them tonight.

I have a reunion meeting again tonight and bridge Tuesday night and Valentine's dinner at White Point Wednesday night, so my knitting time is really going to be way down this week. I would like to get these 2 things finished before we leave for Florida! I still haven't decided what to take as a car project yet! I am thinking maybe this gorgeous cabled afghan in a book I got for Christmas. Like I need another afghan. But it is a sampler of all different cable patterns and looks beautiful as well as challenging! We'll see.

Bye bye for now.


lexa said...

Glad to see an action shot of the sweater. It looks great! The IHS is really nice, too. I plan on knitting one or two for Christmas gifts this year. (I'm thinking of what I want to knit, haven't started anything yet.)

Hope you get to do a post or two while you are away with nice, sunny, warm pictures!

Dorothy said...

the sweater is nice. And seeing the IHS just re-inforces the desire in me to knit one - despite the fact that I've never done cables
Are you going to the skating thing in Yarmouth? Hubby is supposed to go down tomorrow to do some taping at it.
My kids are home again today... yippee!


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