31 January 2007

Pink Sweater is Sweet!

The pink sweater for Reese is finished and blocked and looks just too cute. I know it is too large for her, but she is growing so fast I was afraid she would outgrow it before I got it finished!
I am on the second slipper for Lauren and will felt them and send them both along at the same time.

I was hoping this new version of Blogger would be better for uploading pictures, but I am still waiting........ oops I didn't sign the accept terms thingy and now the pictures themselves are here instead of the html text and I am having trouble getting the pics where I want them.

These are a couple of pictures of Reese taken whilst she was in Halifax for the skating. She was very interested in trying to eat her feet!!

We have been going to the movies a lot lately trying to see all the best picture and best actor and supporting actors roles. We saw The Queen last week and now I know why Helen Mirren won Best Actress for her portrail of Elizabeth ll. We also so Babel which is an excellent film. Again I can see why it is up for best picture. My friend and I went to see Dreamgirls last night, rightfully thinking our husbands wouldn't have enjoyed it, and again, Jennifer Hudson was amazing and Eddie Murphy was great and completely out of character for him. So we still have a few to see. I would like to see Little Miss Sunshine for sure and possibly Blood Diamond.

I am off on Friday to Dartmouth for the weekend to work at Skate Dartmouth. This is a brutal competition. I have to be there by noon to help set up and do paper work. It starts Friday at 4 pm and goes till 11:15, on Saturday it starts at 7 a.m. and goes till 11 p.m. and then Sunday from 7 a.m. to 1:15! Do you think I will be tired when I am finished. Hopefully we will do shifts.......I am fine staying up for the late nights, but HATE getting up for to be at the rink by 6: 30. That is not even a decent hour for anything, much less skating!

Bye bye for now!


lexa said...

I don't care a lot for the new Blogger. It's proven to be more annoying so far than anything else.

I love the little pink sweater! It's almost as sweet as Reese!

Landerson said...

Your blog looks great. And could the sweater be more adorable? Yes, at the rate she's growing she'll be wearing it in no time. Thanks!

Cathy said...

It's a gorgeous sweater for a gorgeous little girl!

friend of Shan's said...

Wow! Love Reese's new sweater and Pete looks adorable in his new gift too!


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