19 February 2007

Travelling Project

It is snowing! This is the most snow we have had all winter and has cancelled my lunch date with my friend in Bridgewater! So now I have time to update my blog.

I needed something to knit on whilst driving to Florida and finally decided to do this afghan. I think it is gorgeous and should keep me busy for a while. As you can see it is knit in panels and blocks so it will not be unwieldy for knitting in the car. You have to knit 4 of each block, there are 6 different blocks and then sew one of each together and you have four large rectangles. Sew those together and then you are ready to add the border, which looks like it may be time consuming! But the finished result will be worth it!

I am knitting it in this yarn, which is 100% wool and might be a bit much for knitting in the heat. I'll have to see. Wool can be itchy in the warmer weather and not fun to knit with.

I am also taking my lace shawl that I haven't finished yet, so I can work on that as well. I find I have to concentrate on it too much to do it in the car! I have it over half done, but keep putting it aside to work on winter projects and I figure I won't need this till the summer. However, if it was finished now I could wear it in Florida instead of working on it!

I am sure I might find a yarn shop or two whilst we are there and then I can always get some cotton and knit more kids sweaters. They have wonderful cotton yarns down there that we don't usually get here in NS. I will get some to bring home anyway. It really does make lovely spring and summer weight sweaters!

Not much going on here. I am in trying to get everything done before we go away mode! Bills, banking, etc. Arranging for papers, mail, etc. etc. etc! So much to do, so little time!

Bye bye for now!

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lexa said...

I just got in from cleaning off the truck and shovelling it out. Guess tomorrow when the littlest one is in preschool I will have to try to start the snowblower and use it for the first time this year. I want to do the big driveway where the big truck is parked when it's home. Though I was down in the garage, and I couldn't find the snowblower key, so I may not be able to do it. Hopefully Travis will remember where he put it. I'd never ever use it with the kids in the yard.

That afghan is gorgeous! Those are the kinds I like, but they take so long. But since you are in for a long drive that's perfect! When do you leave? Maybe I'll hide in the trunk!


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