27 January 2007

New Blog Design

Today when I signed to in to blogger, it asked if I wanted to update to the new Google account. So of course I said yes. Completely forgeting that I had the head cold from Hell and could barely think much less actually follow instructions. So if this blog looks different and things are missing, that is why.

I got this stupid cold on our way home from Ottawa on Dec. 19, 2006. Early in January I had to get an antibiotic because my sinuses were badly infected. That cleared up but the cold symptoms persisted and lo and behold, this past Tuesday my ear plugs up, Wednesday I have laryngitis and Thursday I have a full fledged head cold again! So Friday, off I go to the doctor because my ears are really getting bad. What does she say...... viral......antibiotics won't work. She did give me some spray called Nasonex but the pharmacist says that could take up to a week to work and by then I will probably be better anyway. I want to be better NOW! Today! Not next week!

I am getting some knitting done on the pink sweater for Miss Reese. Both the front and back are done and I am halfway through the sleeves. I have been taping the Australian Open nights and watching it during the day whilst I sit around feeling horrid and knit. I will tape the men's final tonight and watch it tomorrow and should finish the sweater by then.

Next up is a pair of slippers for Lauren....... hers have a hole in them. I am trying to let everyone know that if they give me their slippers when they are thinning in the soles, I can fix them with this needle felting technique and wouldn't have to knit new slippers!

Now I am off to town to get a few things for supper tonight and have my daily muffin at Tim's and then home to rest and knit!

Bye bye for now!


lexa said...

Yesterday when I tried to sign into Blogger it made me switch to the new one. It kept taking me in an endless loop til I caved. I am not impressed with it so far, though. I didn't want to change.

I think my boys are both getting colds. I keep hearing, "I've got snot" from the littlest one. Hope you feel better soon!

Thanks for the input on the lace yarn. I may do as Pat says and get both Shadow and Alpaca cloud. It's not expensive, so I'll pick one for this shawl and maybe do a second one later on (if I like knitting lace!).

Debbie said...

What a shame, there's nothing worse than the cold from hell that won't give up and die!I think there is a law somewhere that says you must mull red wine with lots of cinnamom, cloves and oranges, and drink only that until you are better! Take care of yourself...

Dorothy said...

Hope that cold gets better soon! Knock on wood I haven't caught a cold yet this year.
I have yet to be able to leave a comment with this new blogger thing - if this works I'll be soo impressed!
New blog looks nice!
I'm getting more mittens today, and delivering yarn to a knitter for more :)


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