18 October 2006

Home from England

Here we are home again after a really great trip. We had a lovely visit with my sister and her husband in Bath, did a bit of touring around that area for 3 days. Then on to SE England where we saw our fill of castles and cathedrals. I think I may actually be castled out. I would say that one of our highlights would have to have been Dover Castle. It really was amazing and all the history over the centuries with one war after another was fascinating! We also toured the secret wartime tunnels (4 miles long) that were dug into the white cliffs of Dover. This is one of the main places where Churchill ran WW2!

On Thursday we headed back to Heathrow to return our car and were picked up by our friends, with whom we spent the next 3 days. We went to see The Alchemist at the National Theatre. It was really funny and I could pick up the lilt of the Shakespearean English, suprisingly enough! A great night. The next day we were back in London for a city bus tour and then Margie & I did some power shopping at Marks & Spencers and Harods. John got a real walking tour of London with Nigel and they wern to the War Rooms, which John really enjoyed. That night we went out for a delicious Indian meal. Saturday we did Hampton Court Palace, which again was a wonderful and historic site to see.

Then home on Sunday! Maggie was so happy to see us and glad to get back to her own house! Which by the way was not quite finished yet!! And today is Wednesday and they HOPE to be all done today!!! No more pounding will be so nice but the house looks really great and everyone comments on what a difference it has made!

I have been running around like crazy since we got home and haven't had time to get the pictures off my camera yet, but will get it done in the next few days.

I am off now to lunch with my friends.

Bye bye for now!


lexa said...

Looking forward to seeing your pictures. Glad you had a great trip.

Dorothy said...

Welcome home, sounds like you had a great time. Looking forward to pictures.

Landerson said...

We're anxiously awaiting the pictures! Glad your trip went well and that the house is done??!!?


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