22 October 2006

Trip Pictures

I finally downloaded and edited our pictures from England. Rather than fight trying to get them to upload with Blogger, I have put them HERE if you are interested in seeing them. There are probably about 40 pictures. I just counted and there are 41! So enjoy!


lexa said...

Gorgeous pictures! Someday I'll get to England!

Landerson said...

Wow, those are great pictures! How do you remember all the details from all the sights you see? Very impressive!

Shannon said...

Beautiful pictures!!! I loved the ones of Dover, that's somewhere we didn't make it. I have that exact same picture of the pier from Brighton!! I would have loved to have seen Thomas Becket's chapel!!! Congrats on your smoking anniversary - has it been that long?? I hope the Chocolate Bar was delicious. Last time we were at Harrod's Dodi still had the shrine to Princess Diana there.


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