02 September 2006

House & other pics

The scaffolding came down yesterday so I could get a picture of the part of the back that they finished. John and Maggie are out watching whilst I take the picture! You can see the old cedar shakes, the new siding and the area to be worked on next.

I have also taken a couple of pictures of my shawl to show my progress. I am really loving this one!!

Have a great long weekend!!

Bye bye for now!


meegiemoo said...

beautiful shawl. what pattern is that?

cute doggie too!

Shannon said...

The house looks great - so does the shawl - fantastic!! The house looks soooooooooooo different.

Barbara said...

Hi Donna! That's what my husband wants to do to our house too, or paint the shingles. The siding seems like a longer lasting solution, plus we'd be able to put extra insulation under the siding. Probably next summer it will get done.
John is a bit of a hambone, eh?? lol

I love how the shawl is turning out! How wide is it?


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