13 September 2006

Home from Freeport

We have been away for a few days. We left last Thursday and went to Saint John where we spent the day Friday babysitting little Reese whilst her parents attended a wedding. She was a good little thing with only one fussy period in the early evening. We could certainly cope with that. She is at the smiling stage and loves to offer these wonderful big smiles! I have pictures but they are still on the camera.

I am still waiting for my desktop computer to be returned!!! Yesterday I called the Sony people and complained bitterly and they quite nicely agreed that it was taking way to long and they would get in touch with the service people and let me know the status. Now when I check it I get a message saying it has been sent to a technician to install the received part. I wonder how long that will take?! #%&@#!

Saturday we got up and headed out to Freeport. We got there in the early afternoon and checked into our hotel and then off to LL Bean for a bit of shopping. We each got jackets that are perfect for out sucky wet damp climate and should be great for taking to England when we go in early October.

Our England trip is all organized now. We are flying over on the 5th arriving on the 6th and then renting a car and driving to my sister's house in Bath. This is one of my favourite places to visit. It is just the loveliest city and such a wonderful history. I would strongly advise anybody going to England to make a trip to Bath. The Roman Baths are amazing and just to walk on the same stones that the Romans did 3000 years ago is mindboggling!
On Monday we head out for the southwest area of England for 3 days.... Brighton, Cantebury, Hastings, etc. Then on to London where we are staying with friends for 3 nights and they are planning tours and theatre whilst we are there. I of course would like to go to Harrods again. The first time was so overwhelming I couldn't take it all in. And Margie thinks we should also go to the flagship store for Marks and Spencer which apparently is amazing. So one day for cultural stuff and one day in downtown London shopping. Then home on the 15th! We are really looking forward to that.

I am currently knitting a boiled wool ladies hat for Margie and a toque for Nigel as thank you gifts. I knit a scarf to match the hat in the car this past weekend. So my shawl is not getting much work done on it. I am also spending too much time working on the Sudoku puzzles when I should be knitting.

I am off to lunch with my bowling ladies. Will post pictures soon.

Bye bye for now.


lexa said...

I am soooo jealous -- LL Bean!! Never been there, but I order from their on-line store sometimes.

Wow, going to England again! Looking forward to your pictures! I love Coronation Street, and there's a bunch of other British shows I watch, too. Some old, some new. Love to get there someday.

Dorothy said...

Sounds like you have been, and are going to be, busy!

The dishcloths with the pictures in them I really enjoy doing. I'd much rather then them than a plain one!

Shannon said...

I forgot you were going to the Bean - I should have put in an order!!! I'll be sure to put in my Marks and Spencer and Harrods orders early - surely the boys would look cute in some Harrods t-shirts ;-)?????? Glad to hear babysitting Reese went well!


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