30 August 2006

And so it continues......

The workers are still here and are finally making some progress. They have a small amount of the siding up on the back and the new windows in there as well. Apparently it is easier to do everything in one area whilst the scaffolding is up, so things are coming along. I will take a picture when there is enough up to be noticable.

I am going great guns on my sea silk shawl and it is looking gorgeous. I have about 30 inches done as of last night. The US Open Tennis is on for the next 2 weeks, so I sit and knit and watch tennis. Thank heavens for replays though. I have to concentrate on the pattern so much. I finally don't need to use the actual pattern any more, but I do have to pay attention or I do a wrong row and then end up ripping it out and dropping stitches and then having to rip more out...... a vicious circle. I can't imagine why I thought it would be fun to knit lace! Probably because the finished product is so gorgeous!!

I have my new birthday camera and am busy practising with it and taking tons of pictures of Miss Maggie who had her hair done yesterday so she looks really gorgeous. That won't last long though....a couple of runs through the woods and she looks pretty untidy again.

Here she is playing in the den:

And of course the wonderful head shot:

There is one of Mags before the haircut and sprawled out sound asleep with one let straight up in the air that is too cute, but the darned blogger won't upload it. It took me forever to get these two uploaded.

And this camera of course has a smaller memory stick than the old one, but the new one comes with an adapter, so I can use it with my desktop tower if it ever gets back from the Sony repair place. It seems the power supply in the tower died and because it is still under the warranty, I had to send it to Sony to have it replaced or they wouldn't honour the warranty. So that happened on Aug. 10 and I still don't have my computer back!! They sent to Quebec by the way. Nothing closer!! Ask me how cranky I am about that one!!! I could have paid about $100 dollars and had it fixed locally the same day, but then the whole warranty would be invalid and if anything else went wrong it would be on me. John bought the extended warranty when he bought the computer. I don't usually get it and wouldn't again because of this huge inconvenience!! OK That's my rant for today.

I am off to a birthday lunch for my goddaughter who is turning 18 today and heading off to university on Sunday. Fun times ahead for her!

Bye bye for now.


Shannon said...

Maggie looks gorgeous!! They do a great job with those cuts. I hope your computer comes back soon, better than ever. What a pain. I hope lunch with Lauren went well - she's all grown up!! university already???????????????? Take some pics of the house and show us the progress.

Barbara said...

Maggie sure is cute. I like how our English Springer looks after a haircut, too. Hardly looks overweight without all the extra hair. Ha ha


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