20 September 2006

Hectic Times

Things have been busy around here and I haven't posted for a while.
Good news!! My computer arrived home yesterday after being down and gone for 5 weeks and 5 days!!! Way too long and I plan to formally complain to Sony about that.

Good news! Although they had to replace the power supply and the motherboard, the hard drive was ok and when I finally got everything connected and plugged in and turned it on.....voila!......it was the same old screen and all my stuff!! I cannot tell you what a relief that is!! Anyway, I am now trying to get caught up with all the things I couldn't do on my laptop!

Not great news: The workmen are still here and working on the front of the house. All the windows but one have been put in and things are slowly taking shape. Did I mention that there is banging and hammering going on all day long!?? So I tend to try not to be home in the daytime when they are here. They are all very nice guys, but the pounding really gets to me after a while.

Good news!! I have finished the scarf and boiled wool hat I am knitting for my friend that we are staying with in London. I haven't boiled that hat down yet, but it really is going to look great with the scarf. And I must say that I hated the scarf yarn and wasn't totally enthralled with the wool. But it works and will look great!!

I have started the toque for her husband and should finish it tonight. Criminal Minds season premier is on tonight so I will be watching that and a few others that I got on my Eastlink DVR. I love that thing. So easy to use and doesn't need any special treatment. Very user friendly!!

Now I am off to check what was done today and see if my bedroom curtains are back up. I cannot sleep without dark curtains to block out all the sunshine we have been having lately!

Bye bye for now.

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lexa said...

The hat and scarf looks great together -- what a cheerful color! Can't wait to see the "finished" hat!

I am working on the aran sweater tonight. It's moving along faster than I thought it would. Think I will take my Mystery Socks with me to Halifax on the weekend. It's a shame I can't take it with me to the concert where we have to go so early, but I'm sure security would look at the needles as weapons! And ain't no one takin' my knittin' from me! (I'll just have to work on it at the hotel. I think I have to drive there and back, so no knitting done in the truck. My brother has no license.)

Enjoy your shows!


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