27 September 2006

Finished Felting

My eldest daughter emailed me the other day and said she saw a purse on Lexa's blog that she just loved. I emailed Lexa, and she sent me the site for the pattern and told me what yarn she used. So Monday I went to her shop, and bought the Briggs & Little yarn and some funky scarf yarn to go with the purse. I finished it this afternoon and decided to felt all my projects this evening. So here is a picture of the purse and the yarn to make the scarf.

And I felted the hat for my friend in England and it came out really well. I also felted the toque for her husband and a pair of slippers for another friend, but I didn't take a picture of them. So here is the hat with the scarf, using my fan as a model:

I ordered these needles from KnitPicks and they arrived today. I can't wait to try them out when I finish this posting. I bought the starter kit, but you can add all sizes and different length tubing.

Last week on my way to the city for my skating competition,I bought the nicest pattern books with felted sweaters, bags, etc. They are using a technique called needle felting or something like that, where you can punch a design in a felted project using a felting needle. Similar to a rug hooking tool. It is really neat and looks great. You can use any colour wool and just make any design you would like. I am thinking of putting a B on Shan's purse in black.

I am meeting my friend for lunch in Mahone Bay on Thursday, so I will go to the yarn shop and get one of the needles to try it. It seemed really easy and added that special little touch to make it look great! So maybe I will try it out on the purse.

I am getting tired so I will go watch TV and try out my new needles.

Bye bye for now.


lexa said...

The bag turned out great! I find B&L takes a lot more turns through the wash to felt than the Classic Wool does. The Ragtime will go nicely with the bag. (We've had that for over a year and only sold a few balls. Too pricey for what it is.) We sold a lot of yarn today. It's really been good lately.

You'll have to post a review of the KP needles. I've been eyeing them. Think I may order a set.

Have fun yarn shopping tomorrow! I have to work, and I think I may do up some thrummed mitten kits.

Shannon said...

I LOVE IT!!! It looks great, maybe I can actually knit one if I can stop stamping and finish my year long baby blanket knitting project - ha ha!! Might be one of my grandkids who get this blanket . . .
The scarf yarn looks really fun - I bet it turns out great!!! THANKS :-)


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