24 August 2006

Noise Noise Noise

The carpenters arrived at my house bright and early Tuesday morning to begin the job of taking the shingles off in preperation for our new siding. So of course, the first thing they discovered was that there were another set of shingles under the top layer so these also have to be removed. Then, under our dining room window, they found rot in the sill. Apparently this is a bigger deal than I thought it was. Anyway, the month or so they were supposed to be here is now being extended by each section of the house where they find more rot!! The house is 130 years old, so we shouldn't be surprised, but.......!@#&*$@ And the pounding is driving me out of the house!! Poor Mags has to stay through it all, but I put her out in her pen whilst I am out. Oops! I just heard an expletive out there and it seems like someone sawed through the water pipe for the radiator under the dining room window! More expletives from me!!

On the positive side, we had a great visit in East Bear River with our friends on the weekend. We had dinner at the Pines and spent the day and a bit of money, in Annapolis on Saturday. But the huge news is that after we left on Saturday afternoon, our friends got a phone call saying that someone found a black and white pointer in their yard and it looked like the one they had lost 18 days earlier. It was their 5 month old puppy, skin and bones, and with the training rope chewed off, but otherwise no worse for the wear. So it seems he must have gotten tangled up somewhere and despite the fact that so many people searched for him for 5 days, nobody found him. He is safely home and eating and gaining weight, just like he had never been gone. Sometimes miracles DO happen!!

I have been working on my new shawl for several days now and it is coming along nicely. But like the other one, when I make a mistake I have to unravel it row by row or I can't pick up with the yarn over knit two together thing. That is time consuming. It is coming along nicely and I am pleased with it.

So now I am off to have a shower (hoping that I have hot water) and then on to Bridgewater for my nail appointment and some much needed quiet.

Bye bye for now!


lexa said...

Sounds like you are in for a lot of noise for the next while!

The shawl looks great - what a nice color.

Glad to hear your friends' dog came home! I know someone who had her cat go missing for 4 months. She thought for sure she was dead, but one night around midnight she heard her outside, meowing to get in.

Shannon said...

Beautiful shawl, I love it mom! I love the colour!!

I had tears in my eyes when I read they found Keeper :-) That is just amazing. I hope that he has survived okay and is getting back to normal. Their prayers really were answered!!


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