17 August 2006

Life goes on!

Well the family has gone back to Ottawa after a successful and funfilled holiday here in Nova Scotia. Shan took hundreds of photos and has already managed to get some of hers posted on her blog. I, on the other hand, have been a little slack in that department. So this morning I did that and so here are a few family pics:

Shan and Pete having a good laugh!

Paul & David bonding with our Maggie

And Miss Mags playing with? the boys beach ball!

Now on the not slack side, I finished my Lily of the Valley shawal, washed and blocked it yesterday and wore it out last evening to a friend's house for drinks on their deck!! Compliments all around!!

I should have taken a picture last night when I had it on, but this will have to do.

And I have started my new shawl, called Storm Water Shawl in the same colour as in the link. What I have yet to figure out is why I am using 2 balls of wool at the same time. You knit one row with yarn 1 and then go back to the front and knit the second row with yarn 2. And so on..... 2 rows on the right side and then 2 rows on the wrong side. Does anyone know why it is like this? Or is it just another pattern designed to drive me crazy? But the colour is wonderful and I know it will be gorgeous when it is finished!!

John is in the city today for appointments etc., so my friend and I are going out to the Quarterdeck for a nice dinner and I will wear my shawl again!! Then tomorrow we are off to East Bear River to stay with friends at their camp and go to Digby Pines for dinner and then wander around Annapolis the next day. They are having a Paint the Town festival there which looks like it will be great fun!!

Bye bye for now!!


lexa said...

I read Shannon's blog yesterday and saw all of her wonderful pictures.

Your shawl is beautiful! The other one will be really nice, too. I don't know about the two-balls-at-once thing unless it's hand-dyed yarn. Sometimes they do that so you don't notice inconsistencies in hand-dyed yarns.

Debbie said...

Really gorgeous, Donna!!!And I am SO pleased to see you're finally knitting something for yourself!

Barbara said...

Lily of the Valley looks wonderful. I'm positively green with envy. I wish I had the patience to stick to one project at a time and actually finish it.

Shannon said...

The shawl is "amazing" to quote Pete. It looks fantastic. How is the blue one coming??? Can't wait to see that too!!!


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