09 August 2006

Family Visit

Well it has certainly been busy at our house these last few days. Shannon & Paul are here with Peter, aged 2, and David, 9 months and Rudy, their 4 year old Cocker Spaniel. They are staying at The Captains Quarters cottages, just down from us on Hunts Point Beach and are having a great time. The boys are enjoying all the beaches in the area and are getting full of sand and salt water!!

Yesterday we all went to Lunenburg to check out the Bluenose and wander around the area for a while. Shannon got two darling hooded fleeces for the boys from the Bluenose 11 Company Store with money their Ottawa grandmother had given them. Paul and Pete went on the Bluenose 11 for an up close and personal look at that great vessel! Then home to feed the little ones and the grandparents. Shannon and Paul went to the Quarterdeck for a late anniversary dinner whilst we babysat. We took them to the playground in town and Pete played on the pirate ship slide and climbing thing and David made friends and was just his usual charming self. Then off for an ice cream before heading home. A great time was had by all but I must say, we were TIRED!! Not used to running around after 2 very active little ones! I will post some pictures next.

Bye bye for now.


lexa said...

My kids love the "boat park", too! They even con me into going down the slide, even though I'm a bit wide for it.

Barbara said...

Hi Donna! I know for a fact I wasn't the one to sell the chain to you, as I work at Crescent. You'll have to drop in and say hello sometime! Can't wait to see more pictures of your shawl.

Shannon said...

Glad you had fun with boys while we had a nice dinner . . . p.s. Rudy is 3 and 1/2 not 4 yet!!!! :-)


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