26 July 2006

Saint John Update

Everyone here is doing well. I have some pics on my camera and Mark has tons, but I am not able to post them until I get home. She is a real cutie! Lauren and Mark are doing a great job, just like old pros! Mark gets her ready and Lauren nurses her. Reese hasn't quite figured out the sleeping at night thing, so they have all been tired out. Last night was the best so far for sleeping. I think Shannon gave her some advice and encouragement that was very helpful and supportive.

We are off to lunch at Tim's and then to the Super Store for some groceries.

I am actually getting some knitting done on my shawl......almost finished the first ball of yarn which would be the halfway mark. I still continue to have the occasional mistake, but ........ I think I can live with it. It is way to hard to try to back up and I usually end up dropping a stitch or two which then entails backing up another couple of rows. So I fix them with a needle and thread as I go along.

I should be home on Friday sometime so I hope to get some pictures posted then.

Bye bye for now!

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