28 June 2006

Still foggy and wet!

I debated getting out of bed this morning. I am so tired of waking up to fog and wet. I think I will go some place the sun is shining. Yesterday I was in Bridgewater for much of the afternoon and it was sunny and hot! Then I left to come home and by the time I reached Hunts Point the fog was in and the temperature was down 10 degrees! No wonder people are depressed and not in the knitting mode!! I must say however, that I am still able to knit and am about 1/3 down on my sleeve. This one you pick the stitches up at the armhole edge so you are always decreasing, which is nice. I did try it on after I finished the first sleeve and it is going to fit perfectly!! Yea!!

I am going to lunch today with my bowling group and I am hoping for sun so we can eat outside on the deck and enjoy a bit of nice weather before I have to come home to this miserable fog. Then I will go up to QASL to sign cheques. I am treasure for this organization and that is one of my duties. I really enjoy my bi-weekly visits there. Everyone is so happy to see you and they are all busy and just love being there. I always come away from there feeling happy!

I will now go out and deadhead my poor planters which took a serious beating in all the heavy rain!!

Bye bye for now.

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