26 June 2006

Rain Rain Go Away

I cannot believe that it is raining again!! The weatherman calls for clearing up this afternoon, but I am not hopeful. We have had our expectations of sun rained on too many times lately. Sometimes I feel like we are just going to turn to mould, or rust. Thank heaven for the tan in a bottle. At least it makes you look like you are getting a bit of sun!! Even if it is fake!

I finished the blanket for Lauren's little one and will send that off in the mail. I am not posting another picture as it is the same as the last one, only a bit bigger. And last night I finished the left sleeve of my Celtic Cross sweater so I only have the right sleeve and the neck to finish that project off. It is fitting nicely and I am really excited to finish it and wear it. Seems with our sucky weather so far, I will have lots of opportunities. Then I can either work on my new shawl or else finish the striped sweater I put aside. That one is in wool so might be a bit warm for working on in the summer. Today is the start of the Wimbledon fortnight, so I maybe can get a bit more knitting in the usual. I am not a fan of daytime TV, but I do make an exception for big sporting events. I love tenns!

Not much of anything else going on here so,

Bye bye for now.


Dorothy said...

Hi Donna,
the sun came out, and the bugs did too!
the sun didn't help my mood any.
Hopefully we'll have more days of it, that should do the trick.

Shannon said...

You should post a picture anyway!!! We'd love to see it :-)


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